George retired from a 21+ year career in software and started building SW and HW for solar powered, hard working robots (grading, snow management of his mountain hideout). During one of the visits with a friend / neighbor and part time hay farmer, they talked about herbicide use and the main worries for small acreage farmers. After further research on the economics, pollution and labor shortage that makes land care at small scale marginal, George decided to start dCentralized Systems and help folks and their land stay healthy and productive.

Latest news about Directed Machines Impacts of food production


March 2021

First LCR golf course deployment

February 2021

LCR deployed in steep terrain, avocado orchard, CA

December 2020

LCR delivered to Big Island, Hawaii

August 2020

LCRs delivered by freight to SK, Canada, New York State

March 2020

Delivery of first LCR to Lisi Global

October 2019

15KW per channel motor controllers deployed (3x per robot)

June 2019

dCentralized Systems -> Directed Machines

May 2019

First stainless LCR prototype, with new chain drives

March 2019

Multiple LCR prototype units deployed in field tests

Fall 2018

Shift to LCR, our high torque, versatile model

Spring 2018

Autonomous Laser Weeding Prototype field trials

February 2018

dCentralized Systems forms

Fall 2017

12HP 6WD solar charged prototype active outdoors

July 2017

George retires from software industry


A small, hands-on-and-in-the-mud team, building and deploying systems through constant iteration, we hope to make an impact while doing what we love.


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Chris Ransom




Sam Post